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Our team of experienced professional real estate agents have years of successful experience working in the Lake Chapala area. We specialize in...


  • Buying and Selling:  We assist both buyers and sellers of residential homes and lots, commercial, and agricultural land. Our expertise in the field of property appraisals gives us an edge over other real estate agencies.  Call or email Lake Chapala Realty to receive your detailed Buyer and Seller Guide.
  • Appraisals:  Free Appraisals:   Lake Chapala Realty will do a free Opinion of Value of your property along with a Comparative Market Analysis so that you know what the current market value of your home is. We are the experts in this field and have all the necessary market data to supply owners with solid information for this region.​
  • Apartment:  If you have an apartment to rent, we have your clients.
  • International Property:  Thirty-six nationalities live in the Lakeside Region.  Accordingly, they arrive with a myriad of different language challenges, cultural variations and expectations.  At Lake Chapala Realty, we will work hard to accommodate all people, regardless of their origins.  We are a multilingual agency specializing in English and Spanish services. 
  • New Property:  We provide the expertise to developers of new residential real estate.  This includes; home design, size, location, sales and price points for the different market sectors of new homes. We have extensive market data and we are experts in the field of market analysis. This information enhances our ability to assist you.
  • Plots of Land:  We would be glad to provide assistance in the purchase or sale of plots of land. Residential, commercial or agricultural. Our extensive market data, compiled over time, gives us the edge in finding the correct buyer based on precise market values.
  • Property Developments:  We currently have various new development projects on offer to our clients in the marketplace. Please have a look at our website to see which product best suits your needs.
  • Property Investment:  If you are looking to invest in real estate, in the Lake Chapala area, look no further. With the extensive market data that we have assembled, we know the value of properties and have the stats to back this up.  We have worked with many investors, crunched the numbers, and provided in-depth analysis in order for you to make sound investment decisions.
  • Property Management:  Lake Chapala Realty manages primarily residential real estate as well as rental properties. We are detail-oriented in our work and have the correct people to take care of all your management or rental needs. Monthly statements are delivered on time so you will always know the financial status of your property.
  • Commercial Property:  We rent to buy and sell commercial real estate for our clients. We also have extensive information regarding what types of businesses are needed in our community to enable you to make the right decisions.  Demographic and market analysis are our specialties.
  • Relocation Specialists:  Are you moving to the Lake Chapala Area? We can help you with all of your relocation requirements. We have the necessary contacts and companies to assist in making your move occur in a timely manner that will be both stress and trouble-free. We will also find you a place to rent prior to your arrival.  If you wish to purchase at a later date, we will continue to be your Agency of Choice.

We invite you to contact us via e-mail, phone and or visit our office. We provide specialized services to our clients and the community. Including long-distance phone service, Internet service, tax advice, car registration, maps of the area and much more. 


We can assist you with car rentals, recommend hotels, restaurants, and also provide valuable advice on many important subjects. 


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