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Once you have decided to sell your home, there are a number of things that will help you increase your listing price in the shortest amount of time.

Your adviser is an expert in the housing market. However, selling your home is a joint effort where you play an important role in the outcome. The main task is to make your home as attractive as possible to potential customers. Remember that first impressions are everything.

You must do everything possible to make sure the first impression is positive.  Individuals taking into account buying your home will be as critical as you will be when choosing a new home. Make an inspection of your home, observe as you would a potential buyer. Make notes of all minor repairs and painting that your property needs.

Here are some suggestions from your sales consultant that will be valuable to prepare your home for display.


Because the exterior of your home will be the first thing the customer sees, it is very important to create a good impression, how? ...

1. Cut and line the grass. Plant and cultivate the flower in your garden. Cut leaves, remove dead          branches. Make sure no trash, toys, or gardening tools are scattered everywhere.

            2. Repair and paint if necessary front entrance.

            3. The exterior paint ... okay? ... Is the roof in good condition? ...

4. Keep your sidewalk and driveway clean.

5. Repair any wires that are broken.

            6. The entrance should be clean and in good condition.

7. The doorbell and exterior light must be working.


Start with a thorough cleaning of your property from top to bottom. Do not let the dirt and clutter damage what goods your home may offer.

Get rid of unnecessary items in closets and bathrooms, this will make your home look more spacious.

 1. Walls should be clean and free from cracks, scratches, fingerprints and holes. If a defect cannot be       washed off, paint.

 2. Arrange your furniture to give your rooms a more clean and attractive look. If any part of your                 furniture is in poor condition, repair or store it temporarily.

             3. Remove excess furniture.

             4. Put some plants indoors or remove some, if there is an excess.

             5. Wash windows, curtains should be clean.

             6. Wash carpets or rugs.

             7. Repair broken doors windows that stick and drawers in poor condition.

 8. Fix leaky faucets and eliminate stains caused by water and soap.

             9. Fasten the handrail of the stairs and make sure steps are free of objects.

            10. The lamps should be in perfect condition

11. Use the best duvets, towels and curtains that make the most out of the rooms.

12. Arrange your closets to show their amplitude. Make sure clothes are hung neatly. Shoes and other        objects are also presentable

             13. The bathrooms must be very clean. Repair rust in pipes and sprinklers. Keep toilet lids closed.

             14. Put air fresheners in confined areas such as closets, bathrooms or where there are musty odors.

             15. Clean and organize the warehouse, garage and basement.

             16. Remove valuables and keep them in a safe area.

 17. Remove most of family photographs and other personal items in order to show the house more neutral and ensure that the client can easily see themselves in the home, their furniture and style.

Do not spend more than necessary:

Many families tend to live with a broken door plate or a cracked window. All these little things have to be repaired because a buyer does not want fix the things you did not. Investing in paint which is obviously necessary is well worth the cost. The same applies to carpets; this can be enough to discourage the potential buyer.  Do not devalue the price of your property leaving outstanding repairs that are more hassle than actual costs.

Showing your home:

     1. Television and radios must be off. Let the sales consultant and buyer talk free of distractions. It is appropriate to send children and pets to play; this will eliminate confusion and leave the buyer's attention on the home.

     2. Leave curtains and Windows open. If night, lights that provide a warm feeling should be on to give the rooms an appearance of spaciousness.

     3. Make sure the kitchen sink is free of dishes, rooms and bathrooms are tidy.

     4. It is preferable that the owner or tenant is not present at the time of the consultant showing the property or during periods of open house.

     5. The consultant knows the requirements and can better emphasize the details of your property without your intervention. The advisor will call you if needed.

     6. Never apologize for the appearance of your home, after all you are still living in your home. Let your professional advisor answer all questions.

     7. Let your sales consultant discuss price, terms, possession and other factors with the prospect. Your adviser is qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion